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        It’s time to welcome another wonderful school year at SIS. The EC Chair, Admin and Teachers have been working hard to prepare the school for a great start and to provide the best education in a safe & caring atmosphere.

        Attached are the pdf copies of Classroom Layout, 2017-2018 Calendar, Registration Flyer, Book List and Drop off procedure map.

1)     Drop Off Map

2)     2017-2018 Calendar

3)     Registration Flyer

4)     Class Layout

5)     Book List

    Available courses

    1st Grade

    2nd Grade

    3rd Grade

    4th Grade Boys and Girls

    1st Hour: Sr.Durdana Shamim       248-720-9507

    2nd Hour:Recess

    3rd Hour:Sr.Wafa Karamach

    4th Hour: Sr.Ayesha Mahmood

    6th Grade A

    6th Grade B

    7th Grade

    8th Grade

    8th Grade B

    9th Grade A

    9th Grade B Section

    10th Grade

    11th Grade

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